Defy Gravity! Defy Stigma!



When you fly on October 22nd, 2016 you will help strengthen the lives of families, further the conversations around Mental Health and Autism, and help stomp out the stigma!

75% of your purchase, including your ticket and any add-ons (video, photos, and tandem flight) will go directly towards enhancing the services that Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services offers to children, youth, adults, and families.

The #iFLYforWoodview indoor-skydiving marathon will support:
• social skills for children
• life skills for at-risk youth
• independent living for adults living with autism
• enhanced communication tools
• and building a greater capacity in families

This Is How It Will Work!

Pass the flying criteria.

Fly for a Cause

There will be a few different ways to participate.

  • You could get an iFLY Flight Package
  • You could Sponsor an iFLY Flight for someone else
  • You could come to the Observation Event on the day of
  • You could donate to the iFLY for Woodview event

Choose your day and time.

On Saturday, October 22, 2016

Choose your flight time between

8:00 AM – 8:30 PM

Confirm and Pay

Your flight package will include:

  • Training Period with the instructor
  • Ground preparation time
  • Tunnel gear
  • Observation and question period
  • 4 flights per person (the equivalent of the free-fall portion of the 4 skydives)
  • Instructor debriefing
  • Prizes! (1 in 6 chance of winning)
  • Entry into door prize draws

*Flight package inclusions are subject to change.

Fly and have fun.


During the full day of fun, activities and flying, we’ll have an eventful observation party for all those in attendance!

•Vendor booths including authors: Sara Park, Tara Wilson, and Darlene Wierski-Devoe
•Wear Your Label t-shirts for sale
•Lots of great food
•Giveaways and prize draws!

Congratulations to our Door Prize Winners! 

Grand Prize – $500 Via Rail Travel Credit – Kent Schultz

2nd PrizeToronto Raptors Tickets – Lois Smith

3rd Prize – Two Tickets to the Burlington Performing Arts Centre
production “Shanghai Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China: Shanghai Nights” D.S.

4th Prize – Toronto Maple Leafs Player Autographed Hockey Stick – Kevin Feagen

Because we all want more for our kids.

More Woodview Successes







When William came to Woodview in 2012 one of his challenges was not being able to tolerate a hair cut- something the family wanted him to be able to accomplish. The mere presence of hair buzzers was a struggle, making William anxious, and agitated.

For a month his team worked closely with him and his family to increase his tolerance step by step; they taught William to use strategies to regulate his emotions and be able to cope in tough situations.

William moved from being able to remain calm with the buzzers on the table in front of him, to sitting in a chair with them touching his head lightly. It was a victory when the team turned on the buzzer for the first time and William was able to remain calm.

The next phase, once a skill is mastered in Woodview’s structured setting, is to be able to manage at home and in the community – this can be a challenge but William was a Super Star! Here’s a note from his Mom after his hair cut at home.

I thought you’d like to know that my husband cut William’s hair today and it was the best haircut session ever! He did wail a little bit but he never got as upset as he used to get. It ended up being a very positive experience for all!

– William’s Mom

More Woodview Successes

My name is Alex. I was in the Mountain Day Treatment Program 2014-2015.

First I want to say that I have always been awesome, but Woodview made me more awesome. I used to be really rigid. Woodview helped me deal with my rigidness and helped me be less rigid. They supported me and pointed me in the right direction. They taught me ways to deal with all my stuff. I am not as fast or as efficient as other students, but I am better than I would have been if I didn’t go to Woodview.

My High School did not want to let me in; they did not want me back. I would not even be in school if Woodview didn’t help me. I have had problems since kindergarten and now I am doing awesome- I am the least trouble of all the kids in my class. I still have people who come up to me because they remember me from the past and tell me I am really chill now, not like I was before.

My personal opinion is that Woodview changes everyone for the better. I am not perfect but Woodview helps people make changes that point them in the right direction.


Things were very frustrating. At school there was continuous suspension regarding Richard’s behaviour, and he was out of class more than in. He accomplished very little academically. When in school he spent a lot of time playing on the computer rather than being in class due to behavioural challenges. Often Richard felt overwhelmed, and felt like a failure. He was known as the kid in trouble and felt he was always the one in trouble. Needless to say, home life was very difficult.

Within the first year of the Woodview program Richard learned to read and print his name. He liked going to school, things at home were easier, and he was able to participate in chores around the house with success.

Since our time with the Woodview Delta program, Richard has gained confidence in life skills and his academics. He has learned to cope with life’s regular hurdles, make adjustments, and problem solve. Richard is happy, and he now sees he can do things for the better.

As his grandmother, the Woodview program has given me piece of mind, that my grandson’s potential has come out and he will handle life. With the continued help, he will achieve his high school certificate. I didn’t believe this difference was possible, but I’m thrilled now to see it every day in Richard.

Donna, Grandmother of Richard, discussing her grandson’s time with the Delta Program.

"I moved into Woodview Manor in June 2002.
I really like living here because of the staff, my best friends, and friends that I’ve made; my friends are the main thing.
I like to go to the movies with them, and go out for dinner.
Since living at the Manor I have gotten a lot better at laundry- before I moved in here I hated it. When I first moved in I feared cleaning the toilet, and now I am good at it, it’s not my worst problem anymore. I have lots of freedom here, and I would like to continue to live here, or a supporting unit as long as I can."