When William came to Woodview in 2012 one of his challenges was not being able to tolerate a hair cut- something the family wanted him to be able to accomplish. The mere presence of hair buzzers was a struggle, making William anxious, and agitated.

For a month his team worked closely with him and his family to increase his tolerance step by step; they taught William to use strategies to regulate his emotions and be able to cope in tough situations.

William moved from being able to remain calm with the buzzers on the table in front of him, to sitting in a chair with them touching his head lightly. It was a victory when the team turned on the buzzer for the first time and William was able to remain calm.

The next phase, once a skill is mastered in Woodview’s structured setting, is to be able to manage at home and in the community – this can be a challenge but William was a Super Star! Here’s a note from his Mom after his hair cut at home.

I thought you’d like to know that my husband cut William’s hair today and it was the best haircut session ever! He did wail a little bit but he never got as upset as he used to get. It ended up being a very positive experience for all!

– William’s Mom



  • Leona says:

    Way to go William. You rock my world! Keep being amazing as you head back to school. I know you’re going to accomplish great things. And come visit us soon.

  • Christine Westerby says:

    So amazing to read all of his successes! I didn’t have the chance to work directly with him, but I still got to witness his fantastic progress and see the awesome job done with his team. Keep up the GREAT work William! And way to go Woodview Pathways IBI Program!!!!!

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