Things were very frustrating. At school there was continuous suspension regarding Richard’s behaviour, and he was out of class more than in. He accomplished very little academically. When in school he spent a lot of time playing on the computer rather than being in class due to behavioural challenges. Often Richard felt overwhelmed, and felt like a failure. He was known as the kid in trouble and felt he was always the one in trouble. Needless to say, home life was very difficult.

Within the first year of the Woodview program Richard learned to read and print his name. He liked going to school, things at home were easier, and he was able to participate in chores around the house with success.

Since our time with the Woodview Delta program, Richard has gained confidence in life skills and his academics. He has learned to cope with life’s regular hurdles, make adjustments, and problem solve. Richard is happy, and he now sees he can do things for the better.

As his grandmother, the Woodview program has given me piece of mind, that my grandson’s potential has come out and he will handle life. With the continued help, he will achieve his high school certificate. I didn’t believe this difference was possible, but I’m thrilled now to see it every day in Richard.

  • Donna, Grandmother of Richard, discussing her grandson’s time with the Delta Program.

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