It seems like a lifetime ago when we started our program at Woodview. Amanda was non verbal and angry and we were so at a loss for what to
do and then we received the call that a spot became available for your IBI program and then our world was about to change.

The team of therapists that worked with Amanda gave her nothing but care, compassion and their hearts. They opened her mind and started
her on her road to success.  Each therapist brought their own unique approach and always seemed to be able to reach Amanda when she needed
it the most.  They never tired and always smiled especially when I needed it the most.

She is now going into grade 5 and the happiest girl we have ever seen!



  • Leona says:

    Amanda you’re a rock star! I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. It was so great to see you when you popped by and hear about all the amazing things you’ve been up to since graduating from Woodview. Keep being awesome and amazing and come back to visit again soon!

  • Christine Westerby says:

    I had the honour of working with this bright, young lady. She was/is such a fast and eager learner! She made my job fun and has made such a positive impact on my life. So wonderful to hear that she is doing so well!!! I wish her continued success!!

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