Before I met Woodview the best words to describe my life was bleak and hopeless. It seemed like an endless cycle of things I couldn’t handle and emotional suffering I couldn’t seem to rid of. It just seemed hopeless and it was difficult to try another solution that may not work.

I achieved a lot of things in all honesty! I tackled a lot of the suicidal thoughts I was having, learned to balance my emotions with my rational side, learned the value in small steps and victories as well as finding the positive in everything around me, I learned how to overcome the things that held me down for so long and to come to peace with my past and a whole lot more.
For my life now, it means I’m over two years clean of self harm and suicidal tendencies, I am better at controlling my emotions and working through them, I am able to find positive and healthy ways of dealing with the things that come my way and I care and value myself more than I ever have.

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