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A Message From Leona Banfield

iFLY for Woodview // FLY FOR A CAUSE // A Message from Leona Banfield

(The creator of our inaugural iFLY for Woodview event!)

When I tell people where I work few people outside of my family seem to know who we are, what we do, where we’re located, or the types of services we provide. They look at me, smile, nod, suggesting they get the general idea, but I know full well they don’t know who Woodview really is…and we have amazing things to share.

People are often surprised that we have about 200 employees, run programming in 3 regions and provide services to over 2,000 clients a year. 

This year, it’s been my mission to put Woodview on the map.

 I want to share with our communities the magnitude and impact of the services we provide in Halton, Brantford, and Hamilton. We want the people in our communities to know about the amazing services we offer, and hence share this with the friends and family so those who are searching for help and assistance know we’re within reach.

The initial goal was to raise $5,000, but now it’s $30,000.

When we started planning I was picturing a small event- we had no idea so many people would be interested in participating. We’ve partnered with major corporations, radio stations, actual celebrities [Dan Talesvki – who was a big hit with our students on September 18], and most importantly, created an amazing opportunity to expand the conversation around mental health and autism.

Please help us expand it even more.

This project has turned into an opportunity for Woodview to not only raise money and be put on the map; but the take the current conversations around mental health and autism to a new level. Better yet, we’re doing so in a super unique way by asking people to potentially face their fears, to do something outside their comfort zone – which is what we ask our clients to do every day.

$30k will go a long way at Woodview to enhance the programs and services we provide. 

Being a recognized leader in our industry outside of our clients and families will be a huge step forward to reach more individuals in need of our services. But best of all, we’re working to continue to expose and eradicate the stigmas associated with mental illness and autism.

We’re contributing to the conversation.

Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, developmental disabilities, autism (to name a few) are not illnesses or disabilities to be ashamed of, but rather talked about so we can ensure services are getting to the people who need it.

iFLY for Woodview flights are selling fast and it’s going to be a large, fun-filled event that will have every participant talking for a long time. Have the proceeds from your flight donated to Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services by purchasing and scheduling your flight today!

Don’t want to fly?

Not a problem! Come watch as others fly and join in on the fun at the Saturday Lounge Night or the Sunday Observation party, where we’ll have hourly giveaways, food, music activities and more. If you’re not in the area, please consider donating to Woodview directly, as any contribution to our fundraiser is appreciated and we sincerely thank you for your donations.

Let’s fly above and beyond for this cause.

With this event, we can truly make an profound difference for the thousands of individuals who need these services and supports so they can live socially and emotionally healthy lives.



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